Bug's / Problems



3D map is not displayed
MyTourbook stops during startup



Show Log Console

There are some logging features which show additional information, this is helpfull for the application developer when the application does not work as it should.

The application can be run with an additional terminal window which shows logging information.


  • Add the arguments -debug and -consolelog to the command line.



  • Start mytourbook in a terminal and add the arguments -debug and -consolelog to the command line.



  • Open Finder.
  • Select folder: Applications/MyTourbook
  • Select file: mytourbook.app
  • Open context menu and select Show Package Contents
  • In the opened folder select folder Contents/MacOS
  • Open mytourbook.ini with
    sudo /Applications/TextEdit.app/Contents/MacOS/TextEdit /Applications/MyTourbook.app/Contents/MacOS/mytourbook.ini
  • Edit & save the file mytourbook.ini and remove the comment character # from the line #-debug, keep the string -debug
  • Double-click mytourbook in the same folder this will start the application with the console.


Open Error Log

An error log can also be viewed within the application

  • In the menu select Help/About
  • Press button: Configuration Details
  • Select tab: Configuration
  • Press button: View Error Log


Known Bugs

Knows bugs are documented here.



3D map is not displayed

Sometimes the update of the display driver can solve the problem, when not, you can do some tests if your display is capable to show the 3D map:


MyTourbook stops during startup

Error message in the log:
Could not connect to Derby Network Server on host, port 1527: Connection refused


This problem can occure on Linux systems and could be solved by adding the following line into mytourbook.ini


Other Solution

Try to run the database system with the Embedded Server.






This page is updated for version 14.4