Photo Workflow

The photo workflow is a procedure to combine photos with tours.

When a photo workflow is done for a tour, this tour can be selected in any view and it's photos are displayed in the Tour Chart, Tour Map or Tour Photos view.

These are the steps:


Views which are related to photos

photo directory

Photo Directory + Folder

Can display photos from the file system.
photos and tours Photo + Tours

Can display tours which are linked with photos.

tour photos Tour Photos

Can display photos which are linked with tours.

photo fullscreen viewer Photo Fullscreen Viewer

Can display a photo in fullscreen mode.

Ausgewählte Tour Tour Chart

Can display photo marker.

tour map Tour Map

Can display photos.


Photo components

Photo Gallery

Can display photos from different sources.

Photo Tooltip

Can display photos which are contained in a photo marker.

Photo Filter

Is filtering photos by rating stars in the tour map.
History Tour

Can display a tour which contains only photos but no real tour data.


photo gallery






This page is updated for version 13.2