options Offline Map

offline map

The images which are displayed in the map are loaded from a map server on the internet.

If an internet connection is not available, the map can not be loaded from the server and can not be displayed.

To use the map without internet connection, the map image files can be stored locally.

This feature does not load all available map images from the server, it will save only those image files which are displayed.



Use Offline Map

When checked, the map images will be saved locally.

Use default location

The default location is the same directory where the data for the tours are also saved.

Delete Offline Map

See below.


Action: Delete Offline Map

The Offline Info shows the location and size where the offline images are saved. The path is constituded from the location which is defined above and the directory /offline-map which is an internal name and helps also, to not delete the wrong directory.

With the button Delete Offline Map... all files and directories in the selected path will be deleted.