options 2.5D Map Provider




Pro & Cons

Every map provider has some pro and cons.


Open Science Map



Contains tiles from the whole world

Can be very slow but this is not always the case

Free downloads

Tiles are aged


Website: http://opensciencemap.org



Mapzen Vector Tiles



Is fast

50'000 free tiles per month (July 2017)

When map is tilt then a lot of tiles will be downloaded !

Tiles are up to date


Contains tiles from the whole world



Website:  https://mapzen.com/projects/vector-tiles/

This server requires an API key which can be requested from https://mapzen.com/documentation/overview/api-keys/



My Own Tile Server



Free downloads :-)

Zoomlevel 1-7 will display the whole world

Zoomlevel 8-20 will display only the installed tiles

Tiles are (can be) up to date

Performance depends on your hardware


Needs a huge amount of disk space


How to build an own tile server is described here https://github.com/tilezen/vector-datasource/wiki/Mapzen-Vector-Tile-Service

Vector tile data can be used from https://download.geofabrik.de/







This page is updated for version 17.7