options Tagging

Tags are used with the tagging tool, other tagging options are defined in the page appearance.

In this preference page the tags and tag categories can be defined. The structure can be rearranged with drag&drop.


pref tagging


New Tag...

  • Creates a new tag.

  • The selected category in the tag tree will be the parent.

  • When nothing is selected, a root tag will be created.

  • When New Tag... is disabled see hint below.

New Category...

  • Creates a new category.

  • Another category can be the parent.

  • When nothing is selected, a root category will be created.

  • When New Category... is disabled see hint below.


  • Renames the selected tag or category.

  • Tags can be renamed with double click.

Reset Hierarchy...

This is an emergency button!

If the hierarchical structure for the tags is corrupted (tags or categories disappear or appear more than once), this will remove the hierarchy.

Tags and categories will not be deleted they will be displayed as a flat list.


Normally you should not need to use it, this button will be removed when there is no necessity.

Hint: To deselect the currently selected tag or category, click on the selected item by pressing the Ctrl-key, when nothing is selected, root tags or categories will be created


Reorder Tags and Categories

Tags and categories can be reorderd with drag&drop, multiple items can be selected


Delete Tag or Category

Deleting tags is currently not supported!