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Toolbar Actions

 3D Map Actions


altitudeheartbeatspeedpacegradientHR zones

Visualize the tour values with different color profiles,
toggle between:

Altitude, Pulse, Speed, Pace, Gradient and HR zones.

show tour

Show/hide tour tracks.

See here...

show entire tour

Show all selected tours.


Map is zoomed and panned to show all tours which are selected in a view.

synch map with tour

Synchronize map with all selected tours.

When tours are selected in a view, the map will automatically zoom and pan to show all tours.

Special case

When multiple tours are selected in the Tour Book view and one of these tours is selected in another view, e.g. Statistics, map will zoom to the single selected tour but the other tours are still visible.

Sync map with vertical sliders

Synchonize map with vertical sliders.

When a vertical slider in the tour chart is moved, the slider marker in the map will be centered to the tour chart slider geo position.


Synchonize this map with other maps

Latitude and longitude will be synchronized, direction and tilt when available

3D Map Layers

3D map layers.

Show/hide 3D map layers, see here...

It is important that when a tour is selected in a view, the view must be active (the view tab is differently colored when it's active or not active) otherwise a selected tour is not displayed in the 3D map.


View Actions

 3D Map View Menu

View actions are available in the View Menu.


3D map statistics

3D Map Statistics

Internal runtime statistics.



Context Menu Actions

Context menu

The context menu contains some global actions which are not described here.


Left chart slider in the map

Set Left Track Slider Position


Right chart slider in the map

Set Right Track Slider Position


Direction arrow

Show Direction Arrows

Direction arrows for a tour are only displayed, when a tour is selected or hovered with the mouse.

Tour marker

Show Marker

Show/hide tour marker.

chart slider in the map

Show Track Slider

See here.


Show Legend

Show/hide tour track color legend.






HR zones

Track Color...

Customize track colors directly, this can be done also in the preferences dialog.

To customize HR zone colors directly is not yet supported, it still needs to be done in the preferences dialog.


All Track Colors

All Track Colors...

Manage all track colors.



Mouse Actions

Left Mouse Button

Select a tour track when it's hovered with the mouse.

Right Mouse Button

Open context menu.






This page is updated for version 14.2