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This tool can search all saved tours, markers and waypoints. It can be opened from the menu Directory/Search or with the keyboard shortcut <Ctrl>+K.

Search view 



Search with Linux

The UI for the search feature is using an embedded web browser in Windows. This works very good when the displayed webpage is not loaded from a url as it is done in the tour blog.

When the displayed webpage is loaded from a url, the whole app will crash in Linux. This is the reason why the search view must be used with an external web browser. Any actions, e.g. select or edit a tour are still working, only the UI is not embedded in the app.



The search feature can be used with an external browser, this action search-external shows the web page url.

Search with an external browser


Current Limitations

The search feature is not yet fully implemented. Any tours, markers or waypoints which are added, updated or deleted, are not depicted in the search result.

Workaround for these limits

Close Search view and reopen it. This will create the fulltext index from scratch, which takes about 1-3 seconds for 4000 tours with a SSD.


Keyboard Shortcuts

<Ctrl> + K

Open search view from any point in the application.








Common search info.

Search text

Text which is searched, it can contain * or ? wildcards and other features which are supported by the Lucene query engine.

Lucene is the search engine which is used internally.


Start searching

Starts searching with the entered search text or press the <Enter> key in the search text field.


Search state


  • Number of search results

  • Time for searching


Search Options

See below.



Search Options

The search options dialog is opened automatically when the mouse is hovering this options icon or can be opened with the <space> key when the options icon has the input focus.





Search Result

Select multiple tours

Multiple selections can be done the same way as in other views with <Shift>, <Ctrl> and <Left Mouse Button>


Keyboard Shortcuts

<Ctrl> + A

Select all











This page is updated for version 16.5