statistics Statistics

The statistics summarizes different values for the tours, it can be opened from the menu Directory / statisticsStatistics .







Various statistics are available, see below


Newest Year

The statistic can display several years, the newest year can be selected.

The selection box contains years when tours are available for the selected person and selected tour type, the current year is also available even when there are no tours.


Number of Years

Starting from the newest year, the number of years which are displayed can be selected, maximum is currently 20 years


Order bars vertically

Sequence how the bars are vertically ordered, is available for some statistics


Synch Years

This feature will display the data with the same scaling when selecting other years


Statistic Options

Slideout for statistic options, see below



Zoom in and out, the zoomed statistic can be scrolled with the zoom marker


Daily Statistics

statistic tourtime
Tour Daytime
statistic day summary
Day Summary


Summarized Statistics

statistic week summaryWeek Summary statistic month summary
Month Summary

statistic year summaryYear Summary




The statistics Tour Time and the daily statistics shows the individual tours and provide these actions:

Hovered mouse

Tooltip shows tour properties

Context menu

Edit tour type/tour properties

Double click

Tour is opened in the tour editor



Statistic Options

Options for all statistics



Options for the Day Summary statistic



Options for the Tour Frequency statistic







This page is updated for version 17.9