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A calendar profile contains all calendar layout properties.


Default Configuration

A calendar profile is always based on a default configuration. Initially, there is a set of default configurations, they can be modified and/or copied into a new user profile or user default configuration.


What is a ...

  • App default config ?
    These are builtin calendar profiles which can be customized but cannot be saved as a new app default config

  • User default config ?
    Is a customized app default config and can be the base for a "user" profile

  • Calendar profile ?
    A calendar profile and a calendar config are almost the same, they do layout the calendar. The difference is that a profile is based on an app/user config and has not an own config id, a config has a config id.



App default config


User default config


Profile based on a user config




 Create calendar profile


 Copy selected profile


 Delete selected profile, a profile cannot be deleted when

  • It's an app default config
  • User configs are based on the selected user config

Apply Defaults

All properties from the selected default configuration will overwrite the profile properties



Profile Configuration Fields

Profile name

The profile name can be modified only for newly created profiles

Default configuration

Contains all app default configs and all user default configs

This is a user default configuration *)

When selected, then a new calendar profile can be based on this user config

User default config id *)

Each user default config must have an unique id

* These fields are disabled when this config is used by another user profile






This page is updated for version 17.12