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map view example


map view example

The tour map view can display the selected tour in a map when geo position data are available. This view can be opened with this tour map icon in the toolbar or in the application menu Tour/2D Tour Map.


Context Menu
Map Provider
Dim the Map



With support from the Geoclipse project the implementation of the map into MyTourbook was very easy and with less effort which I thought is necessary.


Map Licence

To have no trouble with map licences, only maps can be selected from map servers which provide free available map images.


Offline Map

The images for a map are downloaded from an internet server and can be stored locally for offline usage when the offline option is selected in the preference dialog.



This screenshots shows some of the map features, the available actions are described in the next section.

map features



Toolbar Actions


altitudeheartbeatspeedpacegradientHR zones

Visualize the tour values

Toggle between:

Altitude, heartbeat, speed, pulse, gradient and HR zones

photo filter

photo filter with photos

photo filter without photos

  • Photo filter is not active

  • Photo filter is active and photos are displayed in the map

  • Photo filter is active, all photos are hidden

The photo properties icon shows the different states of the photo filter

show photos

Show photos

Show/hide photos see here for more details

show all photos

Show all photos in the map

Map is zoomed in/our and repositioned to display all available photos

sync photo with map

Synchronize map with selected photo

When a photo is selected in another view, e.g. in a photo gallery or photo tooltip, the map is repositioned (but not zoomed!) to the photo location (when it contains geo coordinates)

show tour

Show/hide tour

Show/hide tour with legend and markers

show entire tour

Show entire tour

Map is zoomed and panned to show the entire tour

synch map with tour

Synchronize the map with the selected tour

When a tour is selected, the map will show the complete tour

synch map with sliders

Synchronize the map with the selected slider in the tour chart

  • When the slider in the tour chart is move, the moved slider marker in the map will be centered and the map will be moved.

  • When the map is zoomed IN and the chart is zoomed OUT and the slider in the chart is MOVED, this can cause dizzy !!!

  • The performance can be optimized when the tour chart is small (small height) and only the altitude is displayed.


Synchonize this map with other maps

Latitude and longitude will be synchronized, direction and tilt cannot be applied

center tour/poi when zoomed


When zooming in and out, the tour or point of interest will be centered in the map

zoom in

Zoom in


zoom out

Zoom out


switch map provider

Switch map provider

Toggle through all available map providers, in the drop-down menu a map provider can be selected directly, more...

show earth

Show entire globe

Zoom out to show the entire globe


Mouse Actions


Zoom into the map, the mouse position will be the center of the zoomed map


Zoom in and out of the map


Pressing the left button and moving the mouse will pan the map


Context Menu

The map context menu has additional actions and can be opened by clicking the right mouse button in the map.


map context menu




Show Tour Legend

Show/hide the legend for the displayed tour.


Show Map Scale

Show/hide map scale, the scale is measured in the vertical center of the map.

chart slider in the map

Show Chart Slider in the Map

Show/hide a marker in the map for the left and right slider in the tour chart, when the slider is moved in the tour chart, these markers are moved in the map.


Show Chart Slider in Legend

Show/hide the tour chart slider value in the legend as a horizontal line for the left and right slider.

show tour marker

Show Tour Marker

Show/hide tour marker.

show waypoints

Show Waypoints

Show/hide tour waypoints.

show poi

Show POI

Show/hide POI.

show tour start/end

Show Tour Start and End

Show/hide tour start and end marker in the map.

show tour info

Show Tour Info Icon

Show/hide tour info, see here...


Move to Map Default Position

Move the map to the default position whatever position is displayed currently.


Set Current Position as Map Default

Set's the current position and zoom level as the map default position, this position is used when the application starts and the map is displayed.


Dim Map

See here...


Zoom Level for Selected Tour

When the map is synchronized with the selected tour synch map with  tour the default zoom level shows the whole tour, the other zoom levels which can be selected, will zoom out.

manage map providers

Manage Map Providers...

Opens a dialog where map providers can be modified, more details are described here.

reload failed map images

Reload Failed Map Images

Try to reload map images which download failed. Downloading of map images can fail sometimes when the map server disconnects or for other reasons.


Download Offline Images...

Download or delete map tile images for a specific area, this tool is described here.


Input Methods

Linux specific menu entry.



When photos contain geo coordinates, they can be displayed in the map with these requirements:

  • photos must be selected in the toolbar
  • a photo souce must be selected


There is a variety of photo sources, where photos or tour with photos can be selected, these are:

Painting problem for photos

Sometimes photos are not displayed, because they are not fully loaded when the track is painted. There are some workarounds which can solve this problem. The intend of this workaround is to force a repaint of the map which can be done in several ways like:

  • zoom in and out of the map
  • select a tour annotation
  • select another tour and reselect previous tour

Map Provider


map provider
The map providers can be selected in the drop-down box



Reorder Map Provider...

See here.

manage map providers

Manage Map Providers ...

Opens a dialog where map providers can be modified, more details are described here.



Is the default map provider from OpenStreetMap.


<other map providers>

Any map providers which are added in the management dialog are displayed in this list.



This map is not loaded from the internet, it is painted within this application and is based on the following data:

  • SRTM data is sampled at 3 arc-seconds, which is about 90 meters (295 feet) in N-S-direction.

  • GLOBE data for large-scale maps with a grid of 30 arc-seconds or approx. 1 km (0.6 miles).

  • ETOPO5 with a grid of 5 arc-minutes or approx. 10 km (6 miles).

This map is drawing the same elevation with the same color but the color for each elevation can be customized. The customization is done in the preference dialog which is described here.

... please be patient ...

When this map displays a location which was never displayed before, the elevation data will be downloaded automatically.

This will delay the painting of the map but the data files are downloaded only once and are saved locally for reuse.

The download status is displayed in the status line when the tile info is not hidden, this can be defined here.


Action: Reorder Map Provider

  • the order of the map providers can be changed with the Up and Down buttons for the selected map provider
  • the checked map providers can be toggled with the map provider button, see below

change map provider list


Action: Toggle map provider

All map providers which are checked in the Change Map Provider List dialog, can be toggled which this button.

When only one map provider is checked, the Change Map Provider List dialog will be opened.


toggle map provider


Dim the Map

The map can be dimmed from 0% to 100% to improve the contrast between the tour and the map.

The background color can be set in the preference dialog pref dialog, default is black. Setting the background color to white will brighten the map.


dim the map

Setting the dim level


alle Tourgrafiken alle Tourgrafiken alle Tourgrafiken


all tours 50% dimmed all tours 20% dimmed all tours, 90% lighted

Examples with different dim levels






This page is updated for version 17.9