heart-rate-variability R-R Interval - Heart Rate Variability

This view shows the heart rate variability of a tour, it can be opened from the app menu Tools/ collated-toursHeart Rate Variability.

More details about a R-R interval can be found in Wikipedia.





Supported Devices


Reimport heart rate variability

To show the heart rate variability for already imported tours, only these values can be reimported.

A reimport can be started from the tourbook-toursTourbook view context menu with Reimport Tour / Only Power and Heartbeat Values...




Error correction

After analyzing the data, it was obvious that there are errors were some values are doubled. There may be other errors but they are difficult to find without knowing how the data are created.

This is a more extreme example which makes it easy to see the error.

Without error correction

With error correction


Error correction can be done in the options slideout.







This page is updated for version 16.8