compare result view Compare Tours by Altitude

A tour or only a part of a tour can be compared with other tours. The comparison is done by altitude, comparing by geo position is not yet supported.

Several steps are necessary to compare a tour


Create reference tour

create reference tour
Create Reference Tour

tour catalog
Tour Catalog

A tour which should be compared with other tours is called reference tour, it can be created with these steps.

  • Open tour chart Ausgewählte Tour.
  • Select a tour in a view (the tour must be saved).
  • Only a part of a saved tour is needed to create a reference tour.
  • Move vertical sliders in the tour chart to the start and end position, this part represents the reference tour.
  • Move mouse over a vertical slider and open context menu with the right mouse button.
  • Select Create Reference Tour...
  • In the opened dialog enter the name of the reference tour, the name can be modified later.
  • Press OK.
  • The reference tour is displayed in the Tourmap AnsichtReferenz Tours  view.


Compare Wizard

tour compare wizard - page 1
Compare Wizard - Page1

tour compare wizard - page 2
Compare Wizard - Page 2

  • Open compare wizard tour compare wizard.
    • From the application toolbar.
    • From the menu with Tools/Tour Compare Wizard.
    • Select reference tour in tour catalog, open context menu, select Compare Tour (this preselects the reference tour in the compare wizard).
  • Page: Compare Tours
    Select saved tours which should be compared, tours are grouped by date.
  • Page: Reference Tours
    Select reference tours which should be compared with tours from first page. Multiple reference tours can be selected, the compare result is grouped by reference tour.
  • Press Finish, this will start a tour comparison.



Compare Result

compare result
Compare Result View

The result of the tour comparison is displayed in the compare result view Compare Result  view.

How can the result be interpreted?

Because the program is comparing all selected tours, the result shows tours which match the reference tour and which do not.

It's almost impossible to find only the matching tours and discard the not matching tours when the comparison is done by altitude, the compare result must be interpreted.

The compared tours are sorted by the Diff column which means that the top tours in the result have the highest probability to match with the reference tour, but it's possible that they don't match.


Assessment Tool

To make the assessment easier, the reference tour and the compared tour can be synchronized with the synch buttons in the toolbar of the compared tour Compared Tour  view.

  • synchronize reference and compared tour by scale Synchronize by scale.
  • synchronize reference and compared tour by size Synchronize by size.

When synchronized, the horizontal position and vertical values of the reference tour Reference Tour  are set into the graphs of the compared tour Compared Tour. It is also helpful to zoom into the reference tour to cover the horizontal space with the whole graph of the reference tour.


Assign Compare Result

To display the compared tours in the Tourmap AnsichtReference Tours  view, the compared tour must be assigned to the reference tour which can be done with one of these actions:

  • Set check box of the compared tours in the compare result view Compare Result  view, open view context menu and select Speichern Assign Compare Result.
  • Press Speichern button in compared tour Compared Tour  view.


Adjust Compare Result

adjust compare result

It is possible that the tour comparison has found the correct tour but do not match 100% horizontally. The horizontal position of the compare result can be move with the mouse by pressing the left mouse button and move the mouse.

The compare result must be reassigned to keep the modifications.


Navigate compared tours


The next and previous tours can be navigated with these actions backward nav forward nav.

The navigation is done with the tours from the Jahresstatistik Year Statistic  or the Tourenvergleich Compare Result  views.


Compare Algorithm

 compare algorithm

How is the most matching tour found?

At first all tours are normalized, the altitude for each tour is computed each 100m.

Afterward the altitude difference with the reference tour is summarized for each 100m slice.

The summarized graph has a minimum value which is most likely the start position for the compared reference tour.

With this computed altitude difference action in the compared tour Compared Tour,  the computed graph with the altitude difference can be displayed.

As you can see, there is no magic to find the most similar tour. The algorithm is realy fast when tours are loaded from the internal database, the result will not be 1000% correct.






This page is updated for version 15.6