tour-filter Tour Filter

The tour filter can be opened in the app toolbar when the action tour-filter is selected. With the slideout options the dialog opening/closing and positioning can be customized.

What is filtered ?

There are different tour app filters which are described here. This filter adds an additional option to the other filters.

How is this Filter working ?

All activated filter properties in the selected filter profile are ANDed.



Filter Profiles

Filter properties are organized by filter profiles. The filter profile list shows also the number of the filter properties.


Filter Properties

Each filter property corresponds to a field in the tour data. Depending on the property, different options are available


Season Property

This is a special property which also has special operands. It's purpose is to show tours for a time frame in a year and this is repeated every year.




Reorder property by moving it up.

This is only a visual ordering and do not influence the filter.


Reorder property by moving it down


Delete filter property from the filter profile



Slideout Options

The slideout has a default position but this can be changed with these actions


Pin slideout location


Keep slideout open, do not autoclose it


Drag Slideout

The slideout can be dragged when the mouse is hovering the red box.







This page is updated for version 17.4