Tour Segmenter

The tour segmenter tour segmenter can split a tour into segments by using different algorithms. Values for distance, time, speed and others are computed for each segement to analyze a tour.

This tool can be opened from the menu Tools/Tour Segmenter.




Create Segments

Tour segments can be created with different algorithms.



By Altitude (with DP)

Creates segments by using the Douglas-Peucker (DP) algorithm which finds the min/max values for the altitude, see below

By Altitude (with DP) - merged

This tour segmenter is almost the same compared with the above segmeter.

This segmenter will merge all consecutive up and down values into one segment which makes it easier to see the segments in the tour segmenter view or in the tour chart.

See below to compare these two segmenter.

By Altitude (with DP) and Marker

Creates segments according to the tour markers, it also computes any elevation gains/losses for each segment, see below.

Hidden markers are not used to create segments, this makes it easy to enable/disable markers/segments.

With Markers

Creates segments according to the markers which are created for the tour

By Distance

Splits the tour into equally sized distance segments, the distance for one segment can be set with the Distance slider

By Break Time

See below

By Power (with DP)

Creates segments by using the Douglas-Peucker (DP) algorithm which finds the min/max for the power values

By Pulse (with DP)

Creates segments by using the Douglas-Peucker (DP) algorithm which finds the min/max for the pulse values

With Ascending/Descending

This algorithm creates segments by finding ascending/descending areas which have a minimum altitude difference, see below

This segmenter can visualize the deprecated smoothing algorithm.



show tour segments

Show/hide the segments in all opened tour charts, closing the tour segmenter will also hide the segments in the charts, see below...


Create Segments by Altitude

Both algorithms, Douglas-Peucker (DP) and Ascending/Descending, create segments by altitude but the DP algorithm is used to compute elevation gains for saved tours.

Create segments with Douglas-Peucker
Create segments with Ascending/Descending




Save the elevation gain for the selected tour


Altitude values

The altitude tooltip shows values for the saved and computed tour.



Columns for the Ascending/Descending algorithm

This algorithm has special columns in the tour segmenter view.



Merged and not merged segments

Not merged

With merged segments

With Altitude and Markers



Create Segments by Break Time

This preference page explains the 3 different break time methods and how break time is computed, the methods are:

  • Slice Speed
  • Average Speed
  • Time & Distance



Restore Defaults Overwrite the selected values with the values which are set in the preferences.
Define as Defaults Use the currently selected method and values as default in the preferences.

The values in the preferences are used to compute the break time for a tour.


tour segmenter for break time
Create segments by break time


Break time columns

Tour Segmenter and Tour Editor has special columns to see very easily which time slice has a break.


Tour segmenter columns

» h Moving time
|| h Break time


Tour editor columns

|| sec Time difference to previous time slice
|| km Distance difference to previous time slice
B x indicates that the time slice is a break
km/h Average speed how it is defined in this preference page
|| km/h Slice speed is computed with time and distance differences between 2 time slices


Segments in the Tour Chart

Segments can be displayed or hidden in the tour chart with this show tour segments action,

How segments are displayed in the tour chart, can be set in this slideout.




There are endless possibilities how to display the segments in the tour chart, here are some examples.

These are the default settings.








These actions are available in the tour chart when tour segmenter segments are displayed.

When multiple segments are selected, the map is automatically rearranged and shows the selected segments when it is synched with the sliders.




Select tour segments

<Shift> + Click

Select multiple segments




Navigate/select tour segments


Select multiple tour segments


Deselect tour segments


Multiple selected segments.


Tour Segment Tooltip

When a segment is hovered with the mouse, the data for this segment are displayed in a tooltip (must be activated in the tour chart segment properties).







This page is updated for version 16.4