Software Updates

The software update tool can download and install the newest version of MyTourbook.

This tool is currently used only for minor updates, major updates must still be downloaded from 

Since version 16.4 the update is done with P2, this is an internal Eclipse framework.

The update tool P2 has many features which can be ignore in MyTourbook, e.g. a part of the application can be uninstalled, don't do this.


Administator Access

Because this tool installs software in the installation folder, for a successfull installation, it is possible that the application must be run with administrator permissions.



Start the Update

The update can be started from the menu Help / Check for Updates



This action Check for Updates  is searching the Available Update Sites which are defined in the preferences. By default the official update site for MyTourbook ist already setup in the preferences, so there is no need modify it.




No Updates Found

This message is displayed when a newer software version is not available




The advanced feature Install New Software...  can also be used for a software update, it shows more information when a software update fails, documentation for this feature is here.



New Updates

Newer software versions are displayed in this dialog, check the updates which should be installed




Confirm the updates




Accept the licenses





 Updates are being downloaded





Confirm that the software is not signed





Software is being installed





Restart the application








This page is updated for version 16.4