History 2011


11.8.2 Patch 2
  7. September 2011
This patch requires version 11.8.2 which can be installed ONLY from the download site
Fixed Bugs

Fixed cadence bug

This patch file net.tourbook_11.8.2.201109071021.jar can solve the problem in your installation.

How to install the patch file and how to update tours which are already saved, is described in the previous patch, but use the above patch file and not the file in the description.

Patch 2 also contains patch 1.

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11.8.2 Patch 1
  1. September 2011
This patch requires version 11.8.2 which can be installed ONLY from the download site
Fixed Bugs

Tunnel patch

When a GPS device without a distance sensor is moved within a tunnel, it cannot record the distance and a Garmin Edge 705 is writing for all data points in the tunnel the same distance value.

When moving out of the tunnel, the first data point with GPS reception can have a difference of many kilometers to the previous data point so that the speed can be many hundreds of km/h.


tunnel patch before
before patch
tunnel patch after
after patch

Installing the patch

  • copy this patch file net.tourbook_11.8.2.201109011529.jar into the .../plugins/ folder where you have installed the application, this folder already contains a file with almost the same name but with an older time stamp in the file name
    This also works on OS X, you have to open the file MyTourbook.app with Show Package Contents and the plugins folder is located in Contents/Resources/Java/plugins
  • restart the application
  • in the splash screen you can see the new time stamp


Update tours which are already saved

This patch is automatically applied when new tours are imported but to update already imported and saved tours you can do the following steps:

  • open Tour Import view
  • import tour again which you want to update
  • select imported tour which you want to update
  • in the view context menu select the action
    Reimport Tour Time Slices...


(this patch contains less lines of code than this description)

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Version: 11.8.2 »download« 28. August 2011
This version can be installed ONLY from the download site 11.8.2
New Features
  • much better smoothing algorithm in the tour chart,
    provided by Didier Jamet
  • convenient feature for resizing all columns to the optimal width (this feature is available in the context menu for the table/tree header)


Application Changes
  • the previous break time algorithm (which is calculating the tour break time) is replaced with a new break time algorithm
  • tour map position is reset for all tours and not only for the currently displayed tour


Fixed Bugs
this is intentionally blank


Version: 11.8.1 »download« 6. August 2011
This version can be installed ONLY from the download site 11.8.1
  • tour chart
    • show HR zone background color in all graphs
  • tour map
    • ignore 0 pulse values (patch from Kenny Moens)
  • tour marker view
    • display delta values between markers


Fixed Bugs
  • some translated texts haven't been displayed
this is intentionally blank


Version: 11.8 »download« 3. August 2011
This version can be installed ONLY from the download site 11.8

New Features


(provided by
Matthias Helmling)

tour calendar
Tour calendar

  • tour calendar view
    this view is in an early state and neither completed nor translated
  • categorize tours by week in the tourbook view
  • import polar PDD files
Other New Features

11.8 features
Views which are
supporting HR zones

hr zone banner
  • simplified first startup of the application
    • 1st person is created automatically
    • measurement system can be selected
  • UI cleanup
    • measurement system combobox is hidden by default
    • moved action "Other views..." into a sub menu
    • moved import for daum ergo into the data import pref page category
  • tour chart
    • tour markers can be displayed/hidden
    • gridlines can be displayed/hidden
    • tour values within a break can be displayed/hidden
    • break time is displayed as a gap when time is displayed on the x-axis
    • x-axis time button can toggle between absolute and relative time
  • added context menu in the table/tree headers to modify columns
  • restructured people pref page
  • show tour tooltip in the Tour Import view (with hovered mouse)
  • reorder table/tree columns with drag&drop in the column dialog
  • enforce preference min/max values for painting a tour in the map
  • export gpx with heartrate, temperature and cadence
  • an info page is displayed when tour import view is empty
hr zone banner

(compared with previous versions)
  • break time is ignored when avg hr is computed
  • default breaktime method has changed from distance & time to slice average speed
  • chart gridlines are hidden by default (to have a cleaner view) but they can be activated in the preferences
  • renamed device into sportcomputer
  • removed "Bikes" preference page because this feature was not yet used and has confused users
  • moved preferences for Daum Ergometer into a separate pref page
  • number of tours in the tourcache can be set, previously there was no limit until an out of memory exception occured


Fixed bugs
  • fixed bug to auto open tag menu in OSX, eclipse 3.7 was required
  • hide tour tooltip when "Add Tag" context menu is displayed
  • Fitlog-Import fails for tracks without GPS data - ID: 3232030
  • Conconi test window broke workbench - ID: 3269916
  • moving-, paused- and reording-time, can't be greater than 9.
    Bug was only observed on Mac OSX, works fine on windows
  • values for graphs in the chart has been clipped at the canvas border
    • -> painting on the vertical border was wrong
    • -> bugfix required a new painting strategy for all charts, now each graph is painted not directly into the chart image, its painted into a graph image which is pasted into the chart image


Ubuntu 11.4
Unity Desktop


  • Eclipse 3.7.0
this is intentionally blank



Website Update, 23. March 2011

before after
before after



Version: 11.3 »download« 14. March 2011
This version can be installed ONLY from the download site 11.3
New Features
  • much easier tagging when adding multiple tour tags »»»»...
  • select previous text entries in the tour editor (title, start, end), provided by Stefan Fussenegger
  • collapsable sections in the tour editor

  • Garmin tcx import: prevent summarized calories when a .tcx file contains invalid lap's without trackpoints
  • PDF export: field labels are empty

  • Eclipse 3.6.2
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