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Version: 12.12.1   28. December 2012
This version can be installed ONLY from the update site .

not available


install (5 MByte) from the update site , version 12.12.0 is required

Fixed Bugs
  • all weather icons disappeared
  • tour analyzer displayed nothing
  • new tour markers are hidden by default
    → the default is now set to be visible
    (tour marker visibility is a new feature in 12.12.0)
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Version: 12.12.0 » download « 12.12.12
This version cannot be installed from the update site .
New Features
  • photo fullscreen viewer can show all available photos in a photo gallery, just move mouse to the top of the screen
  • zoom position marker in the tour chart shows, how far a zoomed in chart is panned to the right or left side
  • spanish translation, provided by Pedro Merino Laso


New Experimental Features


2 examples when photos are linked with tours
sync photo with tour sync photo with tour

It was a bit troublesome to select photos for the above two pictures. Doing a wrong mouse click, the photo collection is gone away. In a future version this will be improved.

Version 12.12 can crash on Linux

During my testing, the application crashed using Ubuntu 12.04. This log entry is displayed in the Eclipse console:

mytourbook: /build/buildd/cairo-1.10.2/src/cairo-surface.c:637: cairo_surface_destroy: Assertion `((*&(&surface->ref_count)->ref_count) > 0)' failed.
Aborted (core dumped)

Currently I can not say exactly when the crash occured, I've not much Linux experience and havn't found a dump file.

If the app is crashing on Linux when using new photo features, report it in this bug tracker .

  • set tour marker visibility (can be used when doing a screenshot to hide awkward markers)
  • support air planes when break time is calculated (increased minimum speed: 10 -> 100 km/h)
    feature request from Stefan Rado


Behaviour changed
  • horizontal autoscrolling in the zoomed in tour chart can only be done now, when the mouse vertical position is below the horizontal x-axis at the bottom graph (when multiple graphs are displayed), previously autoscrolling worked within the whole y-axis area.


Fixed Bugs
  • just detected (24.9.2012), that power & speed series from a device are not transferred correctly during the upgrade from version 11.8 to 12.1, the problem is that values are too small.

    This bug is now fixed. When version 12.1 or later is not yet used, no correction is necessary. However when version 12.1 or later is already used, tour data must be reimported to fix this problem with your data. A reimport can be done in the Tour Import view with this action in the context menu:
    Tour Reimport/All Time Slice Values

    This bug mainly occures for tours which are recorded from an ergometer because it is recording power & speed.


New Splash

12.12 splash


  • restructured plugins:
    • removed net.tourbook.util
    • added net.tourbook.common, net.tourbook.photo


  • Eclipse 3.8.1
this is intentionally blank


Version: 12.6.2   29. July 2012
This version can be installed ONLY from the update site .

not available


install (4.7 MByte) from the update site , version 12.6.1 is required

Fixed Bugs
  • training view has not displayed all available pulse data

    This is an example for 2 pulse zones when bug occured:
    1st zone ends at 142, 2nd zone starts at 143, all values between 142 and 143 are ignored when pulse values contain fractional digits
Update existing tours

To update existing tours with this bugfix (it's possible that statistic views are wrong), press button
Compute HR Zones...
in the preference dialog People / Tab: Heartrate Zones
  • training view has not displayed modifications which has been done in the smoothing algorithm
this is intentionally blank


Version: 12.6.1 »download« 17. July 2012
This version cannot be installed from the update site .
New behaviour in the import view

All tours will be removed (NOT deleted) from this view, when this view or the application is closed.

The old behaviour can be activated in the view menu by unchecking:
"Remove all tours from this view when it is closed"
  • using embedded SQL server instead of network based server, the application startup is 2 sec faster
    This setup is now the default, using the network SQL server can be activated in the preferences General/Tour
  • better info what's being loaded in photo directory
    Statusline displays a message how many folders are being loaded and each folder displays a loading... text


Fixed Bugs
  • Linux: black background color was painted in a map tile instead of the map image when it contained a tour or photo, this bug occured when simple painting method was used
  • OS X: it happend that a portrait image is displayed as landscape image, this wrong rotation can be disabled in the preferences Photo/System


  • Eclipse 3.8
this is intentionally blank


Version: 12.6 »download« 21. June 2012
This version cannot be installed from the update site .
  • internet can be accessed with a proxy,
    provided by Meinhard Ritscher


  • show photos in the map

    The focal point of this feature is to show photos from a tour in the map, it is not planned to replace other sophisticated photo management tools

    Until now, the main focus for implementing this feature was the image gallery, to display a selected image in the map, was by far the easiest task until now, see roadmap for planned features

    This feature currently supports only the English language


  • type-ahead for tour marker labels
  • improved performance for all type-ahead lists, e.g. tour title
  • improved usability by using keyboard shortcuts
  • better resonse time when tours are displayed in the map, especially when multiple tours are displayed (tours in the map are now being displayed after a map tile has been painted and not after ALL tiles are painted)


Other modifications
  • moved Error Log into Help menu


Fixed Bugs
  • gpx export: enclosed <time> and <bounds> with <metadata>,
    provided by markxy (sourceforge user)
  • OS X with Apple mouse: create marker/reference tour in the tour chart with the "right" mouse button
  • tours are not displayed in HR zone statistics


  • Eclipse 3.8 M6
this is intentionally blank


Fixed Bugs
Version: 12.1.2 »download« 17. March 2012

This version do not contain new features or bugfixes compared with the last patch:
12.1.1 Patch #1, it's only a compilation of version 12.1 and all bug fixes.

This version was created to do an easier installation of version 12.1 with all it's bug fixes.



Version: 12.1.1 Patch #1
24. February 2012

version 12.1.1 is required

when 12.1.1 is installed, download these patch files

files are removed

and follow the patch install instructions

Fixed Bug
  • display recorded power values from .hrm files and edit them with the tour editor


Version: 12.1.1
25. January 2012

not available


install (4.6 MByte) from the update site , version 12.1 is required

you should install ALL features even when you don't use it because the feature o_synce Macro will now hide nasty dialogs when a tour import fails

  • export .tcx files as courses which allows to use these files as courses in Garmin devices, hint is from Alfred Barten
Fixed Bug
  • fixed regression bug which was introduced in 12.1 Patch #1,
    this bug occured when importing .fit and other file types
  • tours with constant time interval and initial smoothing algorithm displayed pace with factor 10


Version: 12.1 Patch #1
20. January 2012
This patch requires version 12.1 which can be instaled ONLY from the download site .
Fixed Bug 3474177Incorrect display of temperature in main display

(this are aftermaths from the big restructuring in version 12.1)


Other Implications

  • this patch will also solve the problem when temperature is entered in the tour editor and the fractional digit is truncated
  • tours which are imported since version 12.1, contain truncated fractional digits for the temperature, this can be solved by resaving the tour


Database Update (Version 21)

This patch will modify the tour database structure which needs about 45 seconds for 1800 tours in the first startup.


Download + Install

download: download is disabled because this patch causes a regression bug
install: see here
this is intentionally blank


Version: 12.1 »download« 9. January 2012
This version cannot be installed from the update site .

Major structural changes for the tour database has been carried out in this version. It is STRONGLY recommended to do a BACKUP of the data because when the update fails, your saved tours will be lost forever.

The database update is performing about 10 tours per second, my test values: 1727 tours / 149 seconds = 11.6 tours/second

When the database update is performed and the splash screen has been covered with another window or the focus is set with the mouse, it can happen (on Win7) that the splash screen is not updated until the database update has finished which is showing an info box.
  • import and transfer tours from a Macro cycle computer
    provided by Till Klocke
  • autocomplete tour title + start/end location in the tour editor with existing values from all tours, provided by Stefan Fussenegger
  • new application icon and web site refreshed

    the new icon reflects, that MyTourbook can be used for any kind of tours. The old icon seems to be associated only for bycicle tours.
    The upper right part of the icon reflects a bicycle helmet which was very important for me, I had very likely my cycling accident not survived without it.


New Chart Features
  • value point tool tip
  • the behaviour for the vertical slider is completely different compared with previous versions
  • altitude values are displayed exactly as they are saved in the import file and are not truncated at the decimal point
  • line graphs can be displayed with transparency and antialiasing
  • major and minor grid lines can be displayed


  • import laps from gpx files
    provided by Jochen (deep-n-steep)
  • adjust altitude dialog has a new checkbox to select the whole tour when using the method "Approach altitude with SRTM data"
  • reimporting can also be done in the tourbook view (available in the context menu)
  • improved performance for drawing the tour chart


Fixed Bugs
  • 3459317 tour editor is not dirty when changing tour type
  • 3421203 a tour with 53952 time slices cannot be saved
  • 3405318 calendar view using imperial system of measurement
  • addressed bug: 3458195 Calendar wrongly calculate time


  • decreased number of plugins, moved most of the device plugins into the net.tourbook.device plugin
  • all data series are now saved in floating point format


  • Eclipse 3.7.1
  • Derby
this is intentionally blank


Website update 9. January 2012

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