History 2015


15.12 DOWNLOAD 31. December 2015
Experimental III
This version is not available on the update site


Tour Import - 2.12.2015


Since Experimental II - 9.12.2015


Since Experimental III - 31.12.2015


New Dashboard + New Tour Log

Experimental III Changes

The data structure for saving the easy import configuration had to be changed in Experimental III because of the new features. All previous easy import configuration settings will be discarded when you run the new version, an automatic migration is not available, it has to be done manually. Sorry for this bad news.

The old structure can be found in
in the section net.tourbook.importdata.EasyImportManager


It's propably faster to get the old configuration settings, by making screenshots and then enter the data.



Tour Type Color

  • Fixed historic bug: Modified colors of a tour type were not display until the pref dialog was reopened



Java 8

Java 8 is required to run this application


Why is this an experimental version?

In the new dashboard there are 2 hidden tasks which are observing devices and folders in the filesystem. Because there was no experience for using this feature, it needs more tests to be sure they are running flawlessly also with other device configurations.

Testing with Win7 and Ubuntu 14.04 with VMware 12 works now very well (after many fixes).

This version has some issues but they are non-serious

  • Import background image can be slow, set opacity to 0 to disable it
  • The embedded browser in Linux cannot show all CSS3 features, e.g. background image, gradient, box-shadow is expanding the focus, therefore CSS3 is disabled
  • The device and backup folders are observed but when these folders are deleted/moved this will not be recognized. Workaround: close and reopen the import view.
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DOWNLOAD 12. October 2015
This version is not available on the update site  



Collated Tours

  • Collate tours by tour type.
  • This brand-new feature have not yet the same quality as other features, e.g. tours are not reselected/expanded after reopening.


This view shows the number of gear shifts
until the battery was (almost) empty.


New I

Tour Chart

  • Show multiple tours.
  • Show title and tour info tooltip for each tour.
  • Customize tour info.
  • HR zones can only be displayed for multiple tours when an active person is selected, it is not available when 'All People' is selected.
  • Show only (filter) tour markers which contain a description.
  • Show relative position value in the zoom marker.
  • Zoom in/out with smaller steps when <Alt> key is pressed.
  • Accelerate horizontal scrolling with mouse wheel and <Ctrl>+<Shift> keys.
  • Force min/max values for all graphs.

1172 Tours with > 4'000'000 Time Slices in one Chart.


This new feature is not yet optimized for all areas in the application.

Some lists, e.g. time slice list in the tour editor or segment list in the tour segmenter can freeze the App when hundreds or thousands of tours are selected, it depends on the number of time slices. To prevent this, just hide or close critical views.

The above chart contains more than 4'000'000 time slices and works very well in the tour chart. The graph is optimized but currently it lacks some details (can be improved).


New II

Tour Segmenter

Tour Segments in the Tour Chart

Multiple Tours with selected segments.




  • Draw map scale with rounded units and without black/white color (I always puzzled how to interpret the scale colors).
  • Prevent redrawing for multiple tours.
  • Center map with both sliders, e.g. when a segment or multiple segments are selected in the tour segmenter (this solved a very long annoying behaviour).


Tour Editor

  • Customize number of displayed digits for the lat/lon column values.


Tour Marker View

  • Support multiple selected tours.

FIT Import

These features can be configured in the Fit pref page.

  • Ignore tour markers at the end of the tour.
  • Replace time slices when it exceeds a selected duration.


NMEA import

  • Merged date fix from Alexey.


A tour reimport can now also be done only for

  • Tour markers.
  • Power and speed values.




  • Fixed ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when tour contains only 1 time slice.
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15.6 DOWNLOAD 20. June 2015
This version is not available on the update site  

New +


GPX Import

  • Support .gpx files which are not xml well formed #123     
  • Import values from these tags: <un:cad> <un:hr> <un:power>
  • Convert waypoints into tour markers.
  • Import all tour marker fields and many tour fields with the custom tags <mt:...>


FIT Import

  • Import fractional cadence.
    This improves the data quality for jogger.
  • Support .fit files from Bryton 210.
    This data format can contain duplicated time records, they are merged to be a valid tour. The manufacturer field can contain the value "DEVELOPMENT" (255).
  • Support .fit files from Garmin FR70.
    This data format can contain 0 sessions but the data are still valid.


TCX Import

  • New option to ignore device speed values.

Export Dialog

GPX Export

  • Export distance with absolute or relative values #119
  • Export url and url text for tour marker/waypoints.
  • Export all tour/marker fields which allows to exactly recreate them when imported.
  • Many of the tour fields can be exported with the custom tags <mt:...>
  • Special option: Append "with barometer"  to the field "creator".

Tour Book

  • Moved year subcategory actions from the view menu into the view toolbar.

Tour Calendar

  • Prevent that empty lines are displayed.
  • Prevent that the same text is displayed multiple times for the same tour.


Reference Tours

  • Show number of tours for each reference tour when view is collapsed.


Year Statistic

  • Keep year range when another tour is selected.


Tour Editor

  • Calories can be edited always, removed restriction.

Tour Catalog + Year Statistic

  • Show average pulse for each compared tour.

Compared Tour Chart

  • New actions to navigate to the next/previous tour which is retrieved from the Year Statistic or the Compare Result view.
    With this feature the mouse must be moved much less than before to adjust/save/navigate compared tours.



GPX Export

  • Fixed bug #72: Export texts with special characters, any text fields are now exported as CDATA.
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15.3.2 DOWNLOAD 6. April 2015
This version is not available on the update site  

Tour Segmenter

The new tour segmenterBy Altitude (with DB) - merged  creates the same segments compared with the segmeter By Altitude (with DB), however the new segmenter will merge all consecutive up and down values into one segment which makes it easier to see the segments in the tour segmenter view or in the tour chart.

The idea for this new segmenter came spontaneous but I'm wondering why it came not some years earlier.

Not merged

With merged segments



Tour Segmenter

  • Preserve selected tour segmenter when this view is closed and reopened.




  • Fixed bug #90: Can't open Garmin FIT files in 15.3.1 



  • Fixed startup of MyTourbook
    • A tour is selected in a tour provider view.
    • Vertical sliders in the tour chart are set to the borders.
    • Tour Analyzer shows the correct values.


Tour Editor

  • Fixed sensor state for distance, pulse and power.
    This works only for newly imported .fit files or when a saved tour is reimported.
this is intentionally blank


15.3.1 DOWNLOAD 27. March 2015
This version is not available on the update site  




Custom Web Browser

Setup and use a custom web browser to open web pages, request feature #120.




  • Do a search from an external webbrowser. This hidden feature for Windows is now easier accessable.


Tour Info Tooltip

  • Show max values for
    • Altitude
    • Pulse
    • Speed
this is intentionally blank


15.3 DOWNLOAD 9. March 2015
This version is not available on the update site  

Fulltext Search 


The search feature has been implemented in version 14.14 Alpha but was published as experimental because of a major database update.

Since it was published, there has been no problems, therefore the search feature is now in the normal release. In version 15.3 there are no changes in the database.

Compared with version 14.14 Alpha there are not many functional changes but the UI has been replaced completly with the Dojo toolkit which is the reason why it took so long.


Why Dojo and not SWT?

  • The author was not happy with the typeahead of the search text field.
  • Other reasons.


Improvements compared with 14.14 Alpha

  • Paging of the search results has been replaced with a long list which is loaded on demand (when the list is scrolled).
  • Better typeahead when the search text is entered.
  • Search result can be filtered by Tour/Marker/Waypoint.


Known Problems

  • Some search options (checkboxes) cannot be changed with the keyboard, it works with the mouse or when the UI is running in an external web browser.
  • Tooltips do not hide always when mouse is not hovering it, this is a bit tricky depending where the mouse is moved.
  • When the value point tooltip is displayed, the actions to edit a tour/marker can fail, the dialog boxes getting closed immediately.
    Workaround: hide value point tooltip.



What's next?

There are many ideas how the search feature can be improved.



Tour Chart


Don't be afraid, this screenshot is from the first test, see next screenshot.



Overlapped graphs.



Not overlapped, old fashioned but still available and will not be removed.
The none overlapped graphs are one of the main reason why MyTourbook exists.

this is intentionally blank