MyTourbook was created initially by Wolfgang Schramm and has been published the first time in January 2007, since then other people helped to develop, test and translate the application.

Thank you for your support.






Alfred Barten   SRTM
Tom Broschek   Data transfer and import for HAC4 Pro device.
Frank Figlarek   Data transfer for Garmin device.
Stefan Fussenegger   History for tour start/end location.
Matthias Helmling  
  • Calendar view.
  • Polar .ppt import to facilitate full PPT5 data migration.
Didier Jamet   Smoothing algorithm.
Michael Kanis michaelkanis Initial map view.
Jochen (deep-n-steep)   Import lap's from gpx files.
Jo Klaps   Tour printing.
Till Klocke   Data transfer and import for Macro cycle device.
Marcin Kuthan   Import FIT files with official SDK.
Wolfgang Maier   Import heartrate from gpx files.
Kenny Moens   Weather in the tour editor.
Norbert Renner   Is implementing show tours in browser with OpenLayers.
Meinhard Ritscher  
  • Import tours from Hac4Linux files.
  • Proxy.
Markus Stipp Hobbyradsport Data transfer and import for CM436M device.
Hans-Joachim Willi bikeXperience Import from crp files.



czech Lukas Novotny
Dutch Alfred Barten, Jo Klaps
english Wolfgang Schramm
french S├ębastien Jachym, Vincent Di Sanzo
german K.-Heinz Hagenbucher, Wolfgang Schramm
italian Doriano Cometto
spanish Pedro Merino Laso




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