map25-view 2.5D Map

The 2.5D Tour Map  view can display tours which are selected in other views, e.g. Tour Book view, these tours must contain geo position data (GPS) that it can be displayed in this map.

This map can be opened with this map25-view icon in the toolbar or in the application menu Tour/2.5D Tour Map, it is based on the OpenGL vector map. 




Map Layer

There are currently no actions in the map toolbar or context menu. These actions can be aktivated with the keyboard when the 2.5D map view is selected.


Show/hide buildings, they are only displayed with the zoomlevel >= 17


Show/hide scale


Show/hide labels


Show/hide tile grid / zoomlevel / geo position


Switch theme, only available for the Open Science Map 

This can take several seconds or longer until it is displayed, during this time the map/app is blocked !



Map Provider

A map provider can be selected in the view toolbar. The list of available map providers can be managed in the preferences.

When this button is clicked then it will toggle the available map provider.

Switching between map providers can take several seconds when the tiles are not yet cached, otherwise it can be very fast.








This page is updated for version 17.9