tour book  view Tour Book

This view displays saved tours in chronological sequence, the tours are filtered by the tour filter. The view can be opened in the menu Directory/Tour Book.

View Actions



Toolbar actions


Select All Tours for selected Year/Month (degrades performance)

See below



Year subcategory

Change subcategory how the tours are categorized, toogle between year/month or year/week


View menu actions

customize columns

Customize Columns...

See here


Context menu actions


<Global Actions>

Some of the global actions can be executed, they are described here


Export View in .CSV Format

Selected view items (year/month/week/tour) can be exported

Change Person

Set person for the selected tours, the view context submenu displays all people which are registered in the application and for whom a tour can be set


Set Time Zone...

See below


Multiply calories value by 1000...

Multiplies calories value by 1000 for all selected tours

delete tours

Delete Tours(s)...

Deletes all selected tours, this is the only possibility to delete tours in the application


Set Time Zone

A time zone can be set or removed from the selected tours, the tour start time is not modified. This tool can be started from the context menu.





Display multiple tours

When the option Select All Tours for selected Year/Month is checked, all tours for the selected years and months are displayed in the Tour Map.


When a year is selected and the year contains hundreds of tours, it will take some seconds until the tours are displayed. The computed results will be cached so the next time when the same month or year is selected it is much faster displayed.






This page is updated for version 16.10